Inheriting over a half-century of tradition from Seoul Securities, Eugene Investment & Securities is doing its utmost to offer customer satisfaction through 62 years of investment know-how, the 2nd oldest financial history in the investment industry. Eugene Investment & Securities aims at the best partner of small and medium industries to explore excellent companies and provide them with good opportunity for development and investment in diversified areas. Following top performance in the area of underwriting and managing equity-linked bond(ELB) in 2014, Eugene was ranked top 5 in the performance of ECM management and top 4 in the management of paid-in capital increase. For IPO, Eugene was responsible for listing Access Bio in the local stock exchange in 2013 and merging Hanil Vacuum Machine with SPAC in 2013 and listing FNC Entertainmentin 2014. Eugene Research Center published 150 reports in 2014 on the companies listed in the KOSDAQ, which was the biggest number of its kind in Korea and Korea Stock Exchange awarded a medal for merit to Eugene for its performance. Eugene will make itself ready at all times for yielding the best profit to its clients as the best financial institute making use of its past 62 years experiences.